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How to Get in the Flow, Rather Than Swimming Against the Current

flow getting unstuck life coaching Sep 06, 2021
Are you going with the flow? Or swimming upstream?


How to Get in the Flow, Rather Than Swimming Against the Current

Does it ever seem like you're trying to travel upstream, against the current?  Have you ever been in the "flow" where it felt like everything you need opened up for you?  What if you could create this "flow state" for yourself and everything you do?  Do you think its possible?  Unrealistic? 

What are the first steps to getting in the flow?

1. Take a look at your thinking.

Do you expect things to be difficult?  Do you dread tasks before you even get started? If so, it is possible that you create the resistance through avoidance, building things up in your mind as difficult, or telling yourself that you "have to" do it.

2. Is it a "have to" or a "want to?"

The truth is, there aren't really that many things that we absolutely "have to" do.  We choose to do the things we do, although it often feels like we don't have a choice.  Sometimes it just takes a simple reframe.  For example: "I'm cleaning the house because I want to" feels less heavy than waking up with dread because you think, "Ugh, I have to clean the house today."  It feels even better if you can change it to, "I get to clean the house today.  I'm grateful to have a house to clean."  

3. Is it a "should" or a "supposed to?"

Sometimes we get the mistaken idea that life has a rule book.  We embark on some new, exciting adventure, and instead of creating it the way we want it, the way our intuition is guiding us, we look to outside sources instead to tell us the "right" way.  This causes us to get stuck because there are too many "experts" giving advice, and we often don't know where to start.  Or we are afraid to just start because we don't want to do it "wrong" or against the expert advice.  Instead, we can get quiet, ask our intuition what we WANT to do, and take it step by step.  When we look to outside sources for advice, we can feel out of alignment with what we want, which makes us lose the spark of joy and creativity that inspired us to start.  


The best solution is to start noticing.  Become aware by asking yourself:

  • What feeds my soul?
  • What do I do regularly that I want to do? vs. What are all the daily things I slog through because I feel I "have to?"  For this, it helps to make a chart.
  • What would I do if there were zero obstacles? 
  • What would I do if I could keep it light and fun?

I hope these questions can help you start building awareness so that you can live your life more in the flow, and less in the daily grind.

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