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Is it Time to Let it Go?

decluttering energy letting go life coaching Oct 18, 2021

Is it time to let some stuff go?

It’s Autumn, and time for the trees to let their old leaves drop.

What have you been holding on to that you wish you could let go of?

Maybe it’s physical possessions that are cluttering up your space?

Or maybe it’s a person? Maybe there’s someone in your life that keeps taking your energy or is treating you in a way that doesn’t feel great?

It could be a belief about yourself that isn’t true.

Or is it a grudge or resentment that you haven’t been able to forgive?

Sometimes we attach to things, people, ideas or beliefs that hold us back.  What would it take to let them go and be free? Here are some ideas to try:

1.  Clear your physical space. Remove, donate, or sell all the items that you no longer use or love. If it’s taking up space, it’s taking some of your energy.

2.  Who are you giving your time or energy to that isn’t treating you with the same respect that you give them? Maybe it is time to have a hear- to-heart conversation or wish them well and let them go.

3.  What unkind beliefs do you have about yourself? Maybe you tell yourself you aren’t good enough in some way?  That’s not true, so it’s time to let it go.  Replace it with a kinder, true belief.

4.  What resentments or anger are you holding about a person? Is there someone that you just can’t forgive?  What if you could let that go and forgive them?  Would it lighten your load?  Would it free you from feeling the burden of unforgiveness?  Remember, you don’t even have to tell them you forgive them.  Forgiveness is for you. 

I hope you can let some of this go and make space for the newness to find you.


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