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perfectionism procrastination Sep 29, 2021

Dear Every Person I’ve Ever Known Who Wants to Do Something Big and Scary,

I see you. You have an idea or a “thing” that you’ve been wanting to do. It's scary and exciting at the same time. You feel like it's calling to you.  Maybe you try to ignore it because it feels like it’s too much.  It’s too big.

Are you getting overwhelmed because you want to do it perfectly? Maybe you’re procrastinating because you don’t feel “ready” yet.

You want to do it all perfectly. And you may even think you need someone else’s approval or permission to do it “right.”  But you don’t.

Maybe when you tried it before it wasn’t perfect.  Maybe some people didn’t like it.  Or worse, maybe nobody even noticed you after all the hard work, thought and worry you put into it. 

You tried but it wasn’t “perfect” like you had hoped.  This is how it goes for all of us humans.

Maybe you get discouraged and beat yourself up, retreat for a while, and then later decide to tentatively try again. 

You dip your toe in, but you don’t trust yourself to fully jump in so it’s all very tentative. 

Maybe you don’t trust yourself because you imagine this big story of failure. What does this failure look like?  What would you make it mean? And failure to you may simply mean not doing it perfectly, not living up to your own impossible expectations. This imperfect failure would mean something bad or embarrassing about you, so you decide to play it safe. You set up some pretty high expectations for yourself.  And when you don’t reach them the first time around, you start beating yourself up again and think you failed.

But guess what? You didn’t fail.

Failure is the perfection.  When you use “failure” to learn means you jumped in, and now you have some golden nuggets of data for the next time.  Those golden nuggets are where you will grow and learn and transform. 

That is true perfection.  True perfection is jumping in and doing this messy.  Testing out what doesn’t work, and then using that as data.

Maybe you stopped trusting yourself?  You set your goals too high or expected perfection from the start.  You didn’t account for all the falling and getting back up that it would take, so you told yourself there’s something wrong with you.  You can’t be trusted.  This isn’t true either, FYI. 

Do you feel scared to do your “big thing” imperfectly?  I believe we all have an “it” in our life that we feel called to do.  We feel there’s something we are meant to do, but it feels scary and sometimes impossible.  And it feels so scary because we really want to do it.  Maybe this is a calling?  

It could be art. It could be putting yourself out there for a new job or relationship, or maybe a promotion.  Or maybe it’s starting a business or a blog.  Maybe you have an idea for a book or an invention? Maybe it’s having a conversation with someone that will change your lives forever. 

Whatever your “it” is, I want you to know, we need you to do it.  Take the leap!  Make a jump.  Do it imperfectly and raw.  Let some people criticize you.  Maybe they will, maybe they won’t.  Maybe they won’t even notice you, and that’s ok too.

I’m just here to tell you that we ("the world") need you and we need you to do your big thing that you’ve been too scared to do. Please do it imperfectly!  Start now. Do it for yourself and do it for all of us.  We need what you have. 

“And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.” John Steinbeck, East of Eden


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