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Welcome to My Blog

getting unstuck intuition life coaching purpose Aug 13, 2021
Welcome to my blog

Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to my first blog post. I would like to use this first post to introduce you to what I’m all about and what I believe.

I became a life coach five years ago because I know my life purpose is to help others live their life purpose.  I know that when we learn how to own our inner power, we can do magical things in this world.  Each of us has a powerful internal power source, but we often feel defeated, disempowered or not enough, and this causes us to seek power from external sources or else shrink back and live our life in survival mode. External sources can never bring us true power. And I believe that life is about more than just surviving.  

My life’s work is to help others unlock their own internal power source while removing all the obstacles that have been blocking it. The source within is stronger than any external circumstance.  Once we learn to tap into this God-given internal power source, nothing can stop us from living our purpose and creating a ripple effect of love and consciousness. 

My intention for this blog is to teach what I have learned and found transformative about intuition, relationships, health, wealth, decluttering, learning & growth, and all the life topics that come my way.

My mission is to serve you through coaching, educating, writing, blogging, and inspiring so that you can:

  1. Find your internal power and the voice of your intuition
  2. Align with your purpose
  3. Create and live the life you want to live
  4. Love yourself and your life so much that you can share it with others
  5. Uplift the world by this ripple effect

 I believe:

  • We are all born with a unique life purpose and have infinite power within ourselves.

  • We all have intuition, which is the voice of our higher power. It is our internal compass, or guidance system.

  • We are all here to learn, grow, love, and find our power within.

  • Our purpose is to discover our gifts and share them with others.

  • When we are not aligned with our intuition, we can start to feel depressed, anxious, lonely, and unhealthy.

  • When we are in alignment, we get into the flow, feel empowered, can listen to our intuition, trust it, and make the decisions that are right for ourselves.

  • Often, we lose the ability to hear our intuition. Sometimes we are taught that we should ignore it and follow the rules of others instead. Other times it gets clouded in noise, clutter, fears, trauma, or thoughts and false, limiting beliefs that we pick up along the way, along the road of life.  These noisy thoughts and clutter can make it hard to hear the voice of our intuition.

  • When we can’t hear the intuition because of the noise, we get off track.   Our intuition still tries to whisper and speak to us, but we have trouble hearing it.  Problems pile up.  We feel stuck or conflicted. We get overwhelmed.

  • Or sometimes we hear our intuition speaking but something else blocks us from trusting it. It’s usually an old belief that no longer serves us. Sometimes it is the voice of someone who has criticized us, or judged us, or tried to teach us their (false) beliefs.

  • Coaching is a powerful way to help a person listen to their intuition, get unstuck and live the life they want to live. It helps go within to solve our problems and find our own solutions. It is powerful and magical because it taps into the inner power of two or more people together.

  • My goal is to teach everyone who wants to learn how to trust their intuition. I want to teach you how to remove the blocks that are stopping you from loving yourself and sharing that love with others. I want to teach you to know that you are more than enough, no matter what.

  • We all can positively impact the world by living a life that is true to our purpose.

Thank you for reading my first post.  My next post will dive deeper into the topic of intuition. 

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