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What's Your Energy Saying?

communication energy nonverbal clues Sep 01, 2021

What's Your Energy Saying?

Our "energy" communicates more than we realize.  For this article, let's say that "energy" simply means your non-verbal communication.  

When our words and actions aren't aligned with the energy behind them, communication gets fuzzy. 

The best example I have of this is when I was working with a teacher who struggled with classroom management.  His words were saying all the things he thought he needed to say to create clear boundaries and rules, but his students weren't responding.

His words said this:

"Stop talking, please."

"We have to follow the rules."

"Listen, I'm in charge here."

But his energy was saying this instead:

"I am scared to be in charge of all of you."

"I don't actually know what the rules are."

"I don't really believe that I'm equipped to be in control of this classroom."

I like to use this example, because I think it happens to us all, and can happen in any situation where we are feeling stressed or unsure of ourselves. Our energy projects what we are thinking and believing in any given situation. 

So, how do we change this?

1. Become aware of what you are believing about yourself, and the situation.

2. Understand that whatever you are believing, you are probably projecting or communicating in some way.

3. Decide what you need to believe instead, and practice going into situations with the belief you need to succeed.

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