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About working with me

I believe that we can hold onto things, beliefs and attachments that no longer serve us.  These attachments can keep us stuck, blocking us from living the way we really want to live.  Most of the time, we don't clearly see what is blocking us and keeping us stuck.

This is where I come in to help guide you into clarity, helping you let go of all the clutter and attachments that are keeping you stuck, overwhelmed, procrastinating, stressed, frustrated, in unhappy relationships, stuck in work that feels like it wastes your skills and talents, lonely and unhealthy.

Go from:

  • stuck
  • overwhelmed
  • cluttered home or space
  • too busy
  • always procrastinating
  • unhappy relationships
  • unhappy work/career/business
  • unhealthy habits 
  • financial stress
  • feeling like you don't trust yourself and your intuition
  • indecisive


  • empowered and more confident
  • tuned in to your intuition & can trust your gut
  • living with purpose and meaning
  • calmer, reduced stress
  • clarity and a decluttered mind
  • organized home/space
  • healthy habits
  • success- whatever it means for you
  • freedom and no more wasted time or energy
  • organized with a plan to create your ideal situation

My programs help you explore what's going on in all areas of your life so you can get the clarity you need and create the life you want.

 Working with me will help you if:

  • You want to have better relationships
  • You want to learn how to listen to your intuition
  • You want to declutter what's holding you back in your home, life, business, relationship, health and mind
  • You want to simplify what overwhelms you, stress less, and make your dreams happen
  • You want an experienced coach to listen to you and help you hash out the details of your life, and help you make a plan to get what you want



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